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For the shops out there using Facebook ads I’m curious if you are managing your own ad campaigns or if you have a company doing it for you?

i tried a few campaigns on my own that charged per like.  I found that even though the region and demographics were clearly set there were people far outside my target area which ended up likening the page.

If you have someone managing your campaign can you let me know what company you use and if you do it on your own what are your tips or tricks and what is your specific call to action?

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    • By Dux
      Hey Everyone,
      Do you any of you guys post Facebook content on a regular weekly basis? I find myself running out of content to post? Anyone have any good source for good information that I can relay to my customers. I have been just posting, customer reviews, car tips, sometimes offers on good discounted automotive parts.
    • By ncautoshop
      I know this may not be allowed, and if it needs to be removed feel free.
      There is a very large shop owner group on Facebook. This is an extremely active group, is well guarded and has really helped us!
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      One of the best things ive discovered for driving traffic is Boosting a post on my business facebook page. While some or most may have seen the option to boost a post, Have you done it? My phone rings off the hook when I have certain tire specials going on, Or just a post for auto repair in general. I probably spend more than I should, Still working on making it efficient, But I do see results. Anyone else doing this? Feel free to share.
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      Recently started a Facebook page and really dislike their rating system. I've got a good number of likes and things are going well but I got two private ratings, a 1 star and a 3. I know it's just part of it but I'm almost convinced it's not a legitimate review. It's been at least 1 full year since we've had an unhappy customer that I know of. And we work very hard to follow up and make sure.all is well. I know they like to give the option of not posting your name to the page or a review but why couldn't they tell the page owner who left the bad rating. I understand it's just part of it and I shouldn't take it personal but it's hard to when someone leaves a bad rating. For all I know it could be a used to be friend or a competitor.
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    • By Ron Ipach
      Happy New Year to all!
      In case you've been living under a rock, you may have heard of this little community on the internet called Facebook. What you maybe didn't know is that Facebook is a great place to attract new customers to your shop.
      Together with my friend Greg Pitstick (one of the leading authorities on using Facebook for business) we just shot a brand new video explaining how this all works.
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