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Joe Marconi

Shop Owners: Start your Winter Marketing Plan Now!

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Thanksgiving is around the corner, and that means that the winter months are not far behind. For many shops, this means a slow down due to weather and the usual bills that come with winter. Combine that we the fact that consumers are usually less willing to spend during the winter, adds up to a potential slow down in sales.


But, you can be proactive and maximize your efforts. Here's quick list of things you can do below, and please feel free to add any of your own ideas:

  1. Be proactive at car delivery and make sure you identify at least two future services per vehicle
  2. Perform the multipoint inspection on all vehicles and maximize sales for today and make those recommendations for the near future.
  3. Make sure that the customer experience was nothing short of world class - give your customers reasons to return to you
  4. Consider a mid-winter promo, such as an oil service with a tire rotation, 21 point inspection, winter safety check, perhaps a fuel and oil additive. NOTE: while I am not a fan of a discount Oil Change, I do like promotions. They convey value and pre-qualify those people only looking for a cheap oil change
  5. You could sent the promo to your existing customers and/or obtain a mailing list
  6. Create a slow day process your team steps up their game
  7. Don't get tunnel vision and only focus on what the customer brought the car in for, look for opportunity

Remember, every car in your shop today needs future services and repairs. The question is; will they be returning to you?


Please feel free to add your suggestions. I know we would all appreciate it!



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