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Reccomendations for SMS with accounting functions?

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So, I started my automotive repair business about 6 years ago and have just been using quickbooks but it is not really setup for what I do here and I would like to get a dedicated SMS program and I have noticed that one like Maxtraxx has full accounting built in so that it doesnt need quickbooks anymore which could potentially eliminate a $300 per year QB subscription.


I have spent hours upon hours watching youtube vids and demo software for different management systems and am at the point of frustration. I do not want Alldata manage because it feels like I have to do too much clicking to navigate around. I have used Mitchell manager in the past but really never set it up to make it efficient and now after reading reviews of tech support not being able to help out with certain functions, I am begining to get turned off of them.


HERE IS WHAT I HAVE ALREADY: one bay, but in the near future going to open a second bay next to me with finding a great technician to fill it. This will allow me to focus on office management and service advising. QB pro to create invoices and accounting. I currently subscribe to Motologic for my repair info and labor guide and also Real Time Labor Guide as a backup.


HERE IS WHAT I WOULD LIKE: an SMS program that allows me to see my daily, weekly, monthly, annual reports and possibly even a profit monitor button for each ticket to make sure I don't go below my margins. Something to streamline the shop functions. Inventory is a plus. I DON'T MIND DOING AN OUTRIGHT PURCHASE OF A PROGRAM BUT NOT MORE THAN $3K +/- because I plan to grow into it and it grow with my shop. I also don't mind a monthly service. One of the issues is many programs require you to have subscriptions to Mitchell or Alldata so you can integrate labor times into your software. Something that is cost effective


Please give me guidance and direction in this area and what you have experienced. Thank you so much.

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