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Ok guys I need some ideas and advice !

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Ok guys I am looking for some advice from different people with some different ideas. I am not grasping at straws just want some different ideas from other parts of the US. My dad opened this location in 1961 I have worked their since 1975. Dad retired in 96, My problem is my customer base is to large and it is working me long hours, to long. I just lost my right hand man of 17 years , he wants to try his own gig, Good Luck. My customer base is very very large. I am doing between 1 to 1.5 mil a year. I am really thinking about going to appointment only, selecting about 75% of my customer base , the really good ones and just cater to them, apointment only. I got a bout 5000k customers in my database . Have any of you guys tried this . It has completely got out of control, actually effecting some quality control issues. We are turning profits, not as much as 10 years ago, although that will be no good when I am in the ground. How have some of you guys dealt with this. I know I am not the first one have this problem. I got some ideas running through my head I just want to make the correct move.My labor rate just went to 100 dollars hour and not slowing down customers are just as happy as ever. I really appreciate your time to read this, I thank you in advice for any input.

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