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Faster Lifts, Value of

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I am purchasing 10 new lifts this week, I am trying to decide between the Rotary Shock Wave lifts or the standard Rotary lifts. There is a $15,000 difference between the two options in total. I do not mind spending the extra cash as long as it is valuable. The basic difference is a 35 second difference going up and 30 second difference on the way down. It may not seem like much time to many. But I'm all about flow and efficiency. Does anyone have side by side experience with these two lifts? If so, do you find the faster lifts worth the extra expense? As well, any input, about the in ground Smart Lifts compared to the above ground two post lifts would be of help as well. Thank You

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    • By HK Blackbird
      Our shop is being refitted with all new equipment.
      Up for discussion is the choice of wheel alignment lifts.
      The local distribution here in Hong Kong, has two brands on offer:
      Hunter, who are well known and reputable, and Ravaglioli, who are well-represented, but
      relatively unknown to me.
      Does anyone here have any information to share on the pro's and cons of these two?
      I've had mixed results with Italian equipment in the past, some good, some tragic.
      Hoping to avoid any unnecessary shedding of tears, blood and cash.
    • By John Pearson
      Right now as some of you know I have 1 rotary shock wave lift right now and it is BA. Towards the end of July our addition should be complete and you know how sometimes things just fall correctly into place, well I was offered a deal of 35,000 for 3 more shock wave lifts and a Rotary Y drive on alignment type that is an extended length.
      Does anyone have any experience with the Rotary Y drive on? I really dont want a 4 post because they are wider than this one, and do you think 35000 is a good deal for all of this equipment brand new? http://www.rotarylift.com/Lifts/YA12/
    • By Moonlight
      I am buying lifts for our new shop and have always used Rotary. I am looking at BendPak and of coarse the Rotary salesman has plenty of reasons we shouldn't get them. I would like an nonbias opinion. Trouble Free? Support? Warranty issues? Quality?
      Thanks for your input.
    • By Gary A
      Here is a picture of a freak accident that happened at the dealership where my brother works. He said that the tech was checking underneath for a leak and he heard a creaking noise so he ran away quick and down came the car! He said the lift arm bent and the car fell off the lift. It is a rotary about 18 years old. Just wondering what everybody does concerning lift maintenance and safety inspections.

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