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We shouldn't make money off of claims? Why not? I say we should.

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So as my shop is getting set up I have been meeting with all of my parts reps. I had a long conversation with the Oreilly rep yesterday and when I asked about warranty claims due to a bad part THEY sold me I was told that they do not do them...? He went on to tell me that they submit them to the manufacturer and they warranty the item and labor at $25-$35/hour. After some further discussion he informed me that shops should not make money on claims and I disagree. Why, when I put on a part and it fails should it cost me money to repair it? Am I not losing money when I have a vehicle on my lift making $25/hour vs $85/hour? Sure I do, I am losing money? When does a customer (we are customers to the parts store) have to lose money in any other industry? Early that same day he was telling me about their CSC program in which they will pay other shops to fix parts failures across the country... Excuse me, you just told me that you won't pay me to put a part back on but you'll pay Bob in Idaho?



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