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This is about training a service writer who has little to no experience.



I am working on training a new service writer. He was our shop helper at first, comming in half a day here and there to clean up and help with easy tasks, pick up drop off customers, ect. He was smart and had a good work ethic, so his days got longer and longer and he eventually became a full time assistant. He would do oil changes and tires, write some estimates and still keep things clean ect. He is not perfect, he does sometimes forget things. He is young, he is only 18. I feel like he has a lot of potential, and he enjoys the job. I like his work ethic and the majority of the customers like him.


I am looking for advice on how to get him fully trained up. I know that everyone has to start somewhere and I am taking on a big task, but I tried one experienced service writer in the past and did not like how set in his ways he was. My current guy is and open book, and absorbs my policies with out question.


What training do you guys suggest. Is there a class I should send him to? Online training courses? A book I can buy for him? Where do I start?


I have been training him on the RO software and he is picking that up. He knows how to build the estimates, research parts online, and has sold a few jobs when I was not around.


He mentioned that he wants to work on his confidence talking to the customers. When I sell to a customer, I know how to work on cars, and so when they throw me a curve ball I know the answers or know how to find them. How does a service writer with very little tech experience handle techy questions?


Thanks in advance for the help guys.

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