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First of all I would like to start by saying hello my name is Liam and I'm new here this being my first post unfortunately. I own a small shop in queens NY with a small but grate customer base. I would like to say this site has been grate on giving me some insight into how other shops run and conduct day to day operations. I would like to say thank you for that and I hope to contribute in the future. now let me tell you about my issue with this car.


A good customer of mine has a 2001 Hyundai Electra. The vehicle is in grate condition always takes care of what needs to be done. Over the past 3 weeks the check engine light has come on a number of time throwing p0455. we have smoke tested it each time passing with flaying colors the ball is pined right to the bottom. checked the purge valve working grate. so we conducted a evap system test using the versus. now ether the test passes. or the test closes the vent valve and pulls a vacuum on the system then 25 sec into the test the ecu opens the vent valve before the test is done. vacuum drops and sets the p0455. its not the CVV but the ecu itself opening the ground circuit. I've never seen a ecu/pcm fail in this way.

my question to you is why? do think the ecu is faultily?


Thank you


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