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Hello to all members,

I came across this forum, and I was happy to see a good supporting community here. I am a Mechanical Engineer, own a limousine business for about 10 years with a fleet of 8-10 vehicles here in Edison NJ. I take my vehicles to Newark NJ, to get it fixed at a commercial repair shop that specializes in Lincoln repairs. Our repair bill is about 25-30k per year.


I can almost do most repairs my self, but not having the tools, lift, and the time, I give all my work to this commercial repair shop. I can do brakes, rotors, all to do with radiators, catylic converters, (brake-coolant-Tranny-engine-differential) all liquid flush, belt change, ac repairs, and many more. Just keeping up my 10 cars as 100% perfectly work horse for 10 years, I have learnt a lot and now I am burning too much time and money.


In my area, there is a huge Indian and Chinese community and there are a lot of Indians who own a repair shop but not a single Chinese owned repair shop. I am kind of second generation Indian, and I see all the Indian repair shop brutally ripping off their own country men, senior citizens and lot more. I would even call them terrorist at repair shop, they are that bad.


Since I have my own work to manage, I am kind of leaning to open my own shop, like 2 bay shop. This will save me a lot of time and I will get things done my way, which will also save me more time and money. I talked to a lot of friends and to get numbers, I have a good 250 cars committed to bring me their work, some are retail, some are commercial vehicles. Once I open, I know I can get that number to 600 cars within 3-4 months. I tend to have good friends who have large organizations.


Now getting to reality.... I can design a differential but can't repair it, that's two different things...I don't want to work on cars personally, I am good at presentation, explaining and convincing clients and more as a manager. I will have to hire technicians and labors to get the work done. Besides that I will buy bays, wheel balancing and changing equipment and many other things. I want to try this for 2 years to see how it works out and I have spared 100k to try this. Rent goes around 2500-2800 for 2 bays around my area... So I assume the rent, equipment, insurance and some small things will suck up my spared fund for this project. For the technician, I will have to earn or brake even to another 60 per year...


I am a very honest and reliable business person, I wouldn't cheat just to make profits like many other shops do. I rather have a good relations with my clients that will go for longer term. I see the community here is open to such business that I plan to establish. My limousine business is profitable, but I am getting tired of it as it is a 7 days/14-16 hour work. I would love to have a 8am-7pm 5 days per week for my remaining life :)


Should I risk this plan, should I go for it or wait....I would love to have your opinion on this...


Thanks for reading this long post, brain storming, and possible help.



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