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  1. Hi Jim, If you need further help with in-depth ManagerSE questions and HowTo please utilize our form: https://managerforum.net/ Thanks Ed Gordon Resources: ManagerSE Training Videos https://mitchell1.com/support/manager-se/videos-quizzes/ ProDemand Training Videos https://mitchell1.com/support/playlist/ TruckSeries Training Videos https://mitchell1.com/support/category/mitchell1/tsvids/
  2. #Mitchell1 # #Truck https://t.co/NlvpZ1FXAK

  3. No, but if you don't like flash that we use on m1training.net I thought you could find something on there:)
  4. When was the last time you had a Mitchell1 Demo with ManagerSE and Prodemand with SureTrack? Contact your local rep for a demo and I believe you will be impressed. PepBoys just put Prodemand with SureTrack in all 800 stores! http://www.mitchellrep.com/index.asp Respectfully, Ed Gordon Mitchell1 Sales Rep
  5. Salisbury Mills Moodna Viaduct railroad trestle bridge

  6. RT @Mitchell1: Bring customers back quickly with this marketing tip from the Mitchell 1 SocialCRM team:... http://t.co/Nn7AgUSsMI

  7. Have you looked at Mitchell1's marketing? http://mitchell1.com/main/socialcrm-home/
  8. Ed Gordon Mitchell1 Rep Bolt-On was contracted to build add-on products for Mitchell1. The product name via Mitchell1 is ProPack which at this point offers 3 components: 1) REPORT PRO: Report Pro 3:08 - Report Pro provides your customers the information they need to understand the work performed and keep them coming back. Enhanced reporting with by-the-job invoicing Customized ‘themed’ template includes: Affiliation logos, credit card logos, shop web site QR code to add appointments to smart phones SocialCRM and other links on PDF export Configurable coupons Enhanced tech worksheets Service history by category, timeline and period User defined colors, fonts, background Manufacturer branded vehicle inspection sheets 2) LUBE STICKER PRO: Lube Sicker Pro 2:13 - Lube Sticker Pro ensures you never forget to add recommendations to your customer’s vehicle, and it never forgets to set the appointment in your shop management program for the next appointment. Print windshield reminders with your logo Books each customers next appointments before they leave Accurately predicts when that vehicle should return for service As easy to use as clicking a print button 3) MESSAGE PRO Message Pro 1:54 - Message Pro uses text messaging to connect you to your customers and their smart phones. Send and receive text messages directly from your management repair order screen. Provides cell number for shop to send and receive text messages Provides efficient alternative to leaving messages on voice mail No busy signals; get needed approvals/responses sooner I hope this information along with videos will help. If you would like more information please contact your local rep or myself if in NY area. Ed Gordon 914-456-1015 [email protected]

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