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  2. Please let me know your feelings on this program. I have been searching for a replacement, I currently have Napa tracs and want to change it for the first of the year.
  3. We are a diesel repair and fleet service shop, that is my main concentration. I recently bought out a garage with 2 gas techs and all there customers and started doing light duty gas cars and trucks in my shop. With that said, I have 3 tow trucks. 1 rollback, and 2 med duty wreckers ALL PAID FOR (key word). On average I tow 2 trucks in a week for my fleet customers as a added bonus of a one stop shop. Now average I tow 1 of my private customers a week as a added bonus, somtimes its because they need the vehicle delivered or picked up. Its been an added money maker for me definitely since some
  4. Yes some of my fleets are on a discount program and or contract pricing.
  5. Reaching out to see what other shops are marking up filters: oil, fuel, and air filters for fleets. Right now I'm doing 35% mark up for all the filters. And I have 5 fleets of 20-46 trucks. Class 3-6. I want to keep them coming but don't want to loose to much. Let me know your thoughts.
  6. Thanks everybody for the help. I do net 30 with my other fleet customers but wasn't sure if any one had anything different for school bus fleets. The school bus company does have there own mechanics and we are only doing there diesel engine work at this time.
  7. I looking into picking up a school bus fleet. I was wandering what is the going terms for monthly billing if anyone uses . Thanks
  8. We offer credit through our Napa truck center membership. I believe it is called Napa care, through GE capital. We specialize in the ford power stroke diesels, our main customer is the 6.0 diesel trucks. Some of the repairs can get very pricey (over $3000). It has worked wonders and also brought in some business. BUT the customer must be approved through ge to get the credit.
  9. Just wanted to say thanks for starting this thread. Have been on here a wile and this is this first. S&J Diesel Repair is a diesel truck repair and performance shop. We specialize in the cummins 6.7 and the ford 6.0 and 6.4 powerstroke diesel engines. I will admit my parking lot is always full. They get towed in by the dozen. My biggest competition is the internet. I will give a customer a quote on a egr delete and oil cooler relocation job. They will complain how expensive it is and how there buddy can do it cheaper. A week later im towin the truck in and the customer has a cardboard b
  10. As a small shop owner myself with a budget, we use identifix and also napaprolink. We get it free through our local napa store. It comes in handy doing estimates and u can beat the price! Identifix is $160 a month for good information also.
  11. I too charge for diagnostics. We do mostly diesel trucks and some times it takes about 45 - 50 min to diagnose. That's 45-50 min off lost time. If we do this 4 times a day, we worked a half of a work day for free!!!

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