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  1. Snowed AGAIN yesterday and today. Did not shovel, did not plow the lot for the customer, just watched the snow come down. Stick a fork in me....I am done.

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    2. daves auto service

      daves auto service

      I know how you feel. We had another 9 inches. But what really sucks is , if you drive 15 miles south, there was only rain!

    3. xrac


      Like when the last snow hit here. We were in a blinding blizzard and my daughter 5 hours aways was sitting on her porch in 73 degree weather.


    4. daves auto service

      daves auto service

      I hope this is the last of the snow. It has really took a toll on my business. Numbers were really down for Jan & Feb. And March is starting out slow also.

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