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  1. Leon Martin

    Alignment machine

    I would seriously consider the hunter.... I have bought six new hunter alignment machines in the past 40 years they are without question the best on the market.... I will never regret it and I do not self-esteem but I know where Lee Hunter started in Sikeston Missouri and I know the Hunter people in St. Louis and you will be happy and not regret it! It's true that they are more money, but the workmanship/ material is all at the top
  2. My method is this....i mentally calculate the price they paid for their parts and than i give 2 prices, like this Your brake job is 489.56 with 24 month... all parts and labour warranty with our parts. The price with your parts and our labor is 367.88 and there is no warranty on the parts... I think you would be better off using our parts and labor, wouldn't you? Then they gladly return their stuff!