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  1. Thank you for sharing the useful information. This will be going very helpful to all. Please keep sharing such information in the future also. Have a great day With Regards Charles
  2. Pressure washer hose reels not only make hoses last longer, they save time and frustration. Trailer mounted reels pivot and point to where you need the hose. Wall mounted ones save much needed space on the ground. Hand Carry models are light, yet durable to withstand the heavy duty workload. All our models are weather resistant due to the durable, powder-coat paint that creates a hard, smooth finish that stays attractive for years. The constant tension design keeps the reel from unspooling additional hose. The high-strength, free spinning and full-palm handle rides on a solid steel shaft.
  3. Great post by you. Thank you for sharing the information and the useful site. I visited the site. The site is great. Please keep sharing more and more. Have a great day
  4. Thank you for sharing the information. Have a great day
  5. Hello to all BG Products: BG 44K, BG Super Charge 2, BG 244 Diesel, BG MOA, BG CF5 BG 44K, the best, fastest acting, safe, fuel injector cleaner. BG 44K cleans the entire fuel system including intake valves, piston tops and combustion chambers. If you have tried Techron, Sea Foam or other fuel system cleaners and want something better, try BG 44K. BG Super Charge 2 is an excellent fuel system stabilizer. For lawn equipment, boats, recreational toys, or your treasured car and trucks that do not get much usage. The BG Supercharge 2 slows down the oxidizing of fuel and helps to keep it
  6. Welcome to the forum. Have a nice time ahead with Regards Charles
  7. Great post by you. Thank you for sharing the information. Please keep sharing more and more. Have a great day With regards Charles
  8. Thank you Joe for sharing the information. Have a nice day With Regards Charles
  9. That is really interesting. I got only 10 correct. Please keep sharing Have a nice day
  10. Hello to all How often do cars really explode from impact? Please share your views regarding this. Please keep reading and sharing Have a nice day
  11. Hello to all Technical Service Bulletin. It is a known repair for a specific model of car/truck reported in detail by the manufacturer. Thanks for reading With Regards Charles
  12. Hello Friends Executive at the Headquarters. At the dealership, the finance guy makes the most.The star salesman makes $100,000 but there are only a few stars. Marketing manager for a NASCAR racing team.Owner of a racetrack. Have a nice day Thanks

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