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  1. well i will say this is going great.This is the best thing i ever done for my automotive repair shop.
  2. I was really looking in to getting this in my shop.Has any tech or shop owners been using this.If so please leave all comments.+ & -
  3. I think this is a great tool and not very expensive.I was really thinking about this as well.Do you think it would bring in more clients.And has any one been offering this service.
  4. Joe i wonted to know were you got your flush machines.From BG.?
  5. That is right every shop is different but they all have a break even and some shop owners do not have the business training.Nor do they have the advertising experience it takes to book a shop like it should. To run a business or does the shop run you????
  6. I was at a seminar last weekend and they said how is may web site.(he said the most important thing is the search optimization).I do have a web site for my glass shop and my automotive shop.www.automotivea2z.com I am building a really awesome site for automotive repair.So i am asking my web designer about search optimization.And i am going to put and referral program in a box of its own> What is your most powerful type of advertising.
  7. Thats great advice.I went to google and I did not see were I get listed?Any help would be great.
  8. Yes phone book and I do need to get out and see the people.
  9. Here in Mo. we have GVIP ran by sys.My car count is low beings this is my first year in the automotive repair side.I will do a maintenance inspection as well and give a report on the condition of there car.And of course i will try to sell the repairs to the clients.The way I see it is we will do as many inspections as we can.This will bring up the car count and give us the chance to get much more repairs.
  10. I have not turned any work away.I am in the process of getting state inspection and emmissions.This will bring more clients. I need more cars to get this off the ground.
  11. Joe this is Randy this sounds like management success agian!!
  12. Joe I am going to go through the program.I got on this site looking for something just like management susses.I have got a lot of really great ideas from all of you.I will keep you all ap to date.(I start the program 1-11-10 it is a 6 month program).Wish me luck!!!
  13. Joe all of the advice you give sounds like that simanar I went to.(management success)

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