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  1. Personal on all 4 subjects. The only texting I do is to get authorization on an ESTIMATE overrun and to advise the customer of job completion and picture of INVOICE. On texting of job completion and picture of INVOICE I have had very positive feedback.
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  3. I use these free diagnostics to my advantage. When a potential customer wants a free diagnosis, I tell them to go to AutoZone, get the diagnostics report and bring it to me for analysis. I will tell them that for $15.00 I will do a reset, re-scan and explain the codes I get. After showing them how many unnecessary parts were listed on the AutoZone list, 90% of them will become loyal customers which of course increases my customer base. I have a Commercial account with AutoZone, the only benefit being not paying Sales Tax and free and prompt delivery. Having a good relationship with this department has resulted in getting an average of 2-3 weekly referrals. Here in Idaho it's still the old West.
  4. Have been doing DTC diagnostics for $15.00 and applying that towards labor if I do the job. I will tell hesitant customers to go ahead and get their free diagnostics from these retailers, bring the results to me, analyze them and explain those codes Most of those codes are already described, I proceed to explain that these stores are retailers and only interested in selling the most amount of parts/materials possible. I will then re-set the codes and if I don't get a code immediately tell them to just drive normally and bring it in as soon as they get a MIL. 90% of the time the customer will return, do a scan, get the culprit code, repair as necessary and have a happy customer for life. Happy/Satisfied customers is my best advertising tool, so if it takes me 15 minutes to explain some of the basics of OBD 2, I find it worth it in the long run.

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