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  1. All great leaders possess two things: 1- They know where they are going! 2- They are able to persuade others to follow! The best leadership book I've ever read is the 360 Degree Leader by John Maxwell. That book had more of an impact on me as I've twisted and turned through this thing over the last 15+ years. But I've actually got a core group of books that I keep at arms length to help keep things pointed in the right direction, when you can't see the forest for the tree's. 360 Deg. Leader - John Maxwell Developing The Leader Within You - John Maxwell 7 Habits Of Highly Effecti
  2. New attitude, new marketing, new advertsing, new employees...the remainder of 2010 will be AWESOME for this location!

  3. This article is interesting and to be honest I have mixed emotions about. What do you think? Link: http://autos.aol.com/article/fluid-flush-fallacy/ Article: If you take your car to a shop for a routine oil change you have a high probability of being told your car needs one or more of its critical fluids flushed, changed or serviced. This started originally at the quick-lube shops and spread to the whole auto repair industry, including the dealers. Part of the reason is technology. New machines have made it possible in most cases to change the fluids quickly and easily, or so
  4. Great Stuff! I would love to see the lesson plan! Thanks for the promo info as well.
  5. I have joined in with a local food bank and it has been AWESOME! We have a great relationship with them and my employee's jump at any opportunity to volunteer or help. It's really brought the shop together. We also help maintain the vehicle from the foodbank which helps lower their cost. The customers have contributed in all kinds of ways from food, to their change, to actually volunteering wiht us. I'm so proud of this it brings us great pleasure to help our community!
  6. You can only change it every 13 seconds and it can't scroll, flash or anything of that nature. I'm beginning to think that "change" and "being eye level" are what's getting their attention.
  7. Sorry I didn't catch your reply until after I'd written the last one. I'm going to see if they will let move the LED sign down to where the banner is. I've got a huge investment with the LED sign and sure hate to see it wasted.
  8. Well I've got a couple of different banners that price point a couple of services and one that say's "We Do All Repairs" . What's become apparent as well is it doesn't really matter what's on the banner.. I have always known change is good and people generally see what specifically has changed they just notices something changed. But I've been doing this a long time and I've never seen it to this level. I've got alot invested in the LED sign and I've been contemplating seeing if the city (who don't mind collecting my taxes but don't want me to do anything signage wise that make my business
  9. I have run into a interesting dilemna. Let me give you the background and then the issue. Background I have many levels of advertising/marketing, from social websites to an LED sign at each one of my locations (5), all but 2 are in different towns and markets so they all have different strategies except they all have LED signs. They have become a very valuable part of the "campaign", if you will. I staggered purchase/install out over a 3 year period and have seen great results in all but one location (it's my toughest location, hit hard right now but my fixed exp are so low that it's still
  10. By the way my wife laughs everytime I call it "Adult Daycare". It REALLY feels like it some days...REALLY FEELS LIKE IT!
  11. My general rule of thumb and policy is "You don't have to like each other to work together, but you do have to work together" In my experience these situations generally arise from one of two reasons (sometimes both). Work and Personal Work : Generally if there is an issue it's either an employee isn't doing their job or someone "thinks" another employee isn't doing their job. Both are fairly easy to handle if addressed. Shop policy and procedures will eliminate most of these. If you don't have one...make one! Personal: This where it gets sticky. I genuinely want all of my employees
  12. It is true that it's not for everyone. You will not hear me disagree and there are a million reasons why it isn't good for you. It looks like what you are doing is working for you and that is a good thing! I guess the issue I'm struggling with is the assumptions or perception within the industry. * Cheap oil and filters are used. I am fortunate that I have the buying power to get my COGS down but I can promise you it wasn't easy. Volume also dictates price in this area. * High Pressure Sales or Bait & Switch. Of course, we do take the opportunity to check a vehicle out. To be honest,
  13. At this point, I am regretting using the "independent" thing in my first post, because to be honest it was meant to be funny sarcasm not derogatory. Sorry guys!

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