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So I have good friends in the restaurant business. They run a very eclectic locally sourced food place. There mission statement is phenomenoal and they go above and beyond on educating their customers on sustainable food source. One thing that I loved about there business was there rewards program. So i started to pick the brain of the owner and she told me what a success its been for them offering rewards. Pretty much she said, that without the rewards program they would have not made it to there 12th year of business. They started this after their 3rd year of business. They use a company that does everything for them. The mail outs, the points system tracking. Apparently for every dollar they invested, she said they made $34. She showed me the program that shows her who got rewards, when they were redeemed, and how much they spent. It was very interesting.


So it got me thinking, the only companies i see offering rewards, are the big box stores (kohls,best buy etc), airlines and credit card companies. Why not the automotive repair business. Pretty soon I will be moving into my shop and I have been thinking about signing up for this. It's one of those things that if you do not get people to sign up your not going to make it work.



Do any of you guys do this?

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