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OBD II getting code 89

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98 Cherokee 4.0 automatic. Came in with a P0123 and a couple of 700 codes. I should have kept documentation on those but I didn't. Changed out a bad TPS test drove and cleared codes. 2 hours after the customer picks it up he returns. It is running rough and does not want to shift. We now have codes P0122, Tps signal low. P0123, TPS signal High. And 89 description unavailable. I have never seen a 2 digit code from Obd II.


Diag. on the codes say do the high first. Followed procedure to the point of replacing the PCM. I did with no changes. The low side proves the same TPS and circuit wiring and replaces the TCM. Which I am now reluctant to do. I believe what ever is causing this Mystery 89 code is the source of my problem.


Tech support for my OTC scanner say its a Chrysler code. Local Chrysler techs say not one of theirs. Any Ideas out there?

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