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Any good transmission additives out there?

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I wanted to get you guys' opinion/recommendation on transmission fluid additives? Are there any good ones out there?


I am generally not an additive kind of guy as I have seen all too many times the horrific issues "stop leak in a bottle" type additives cause. I have heard, though, when it comes to transmissions that some non-stop leak type additives can actually help free up valves and such in an old transmission. Some of the names I have heard good things about specifically are Trans-X and SeaFoam Trans. additive.


I really have a very limited experience with automatic transmission and to be honest don't understand them that well, I was hoping some of you transmission re-builders/gurus could help me out on this one.


Is there any that you would wholeheartedly recommend or am I better off not adding anything at all?


Thanks in advance,


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We were using Seafoam for trans for awhile with hit or miss results. Lately, we started using BG's ATC Plus with really impressive results. One of our mechanics thought he was going to need a trans for his 98 Durango. Used the BG product and no issues. It's cured. We have also had really great results with their MOA engine additive. We don't do a lot of additives here either - but these two are worth their weight in gold.

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I am not a big believer in additives to solve problems. We do promote Preventive Maintenance, and we use BG products. BG also has a Lifetime Protection Plan if you start the service before 75,000 miles. So they stand behind their products.


I also tell my customers that are keeping their cars for a long time to service all the fluids BEFORE they turn color. For example, when the tranny fluid is burnt and brown, it's too late.


Like I always say, "The time to start thinking about taking care of yourself is not when your in an ambulance after having a heart attack"

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