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Hey guys I had very good response to my last post so here is another one I need some help with.


I am currently in the planning stage of getting a shop going in Kansas. My question has a few parts to it.


1. How did you guys determine the feasibility or if the shop would make it in your area before starting? Also what resources helped you to come to this conclusion.


2. What types of strategies did you use to nudge your way into the market? Everyone is obviously already getting the work done on their car SOMEWHERE so how do you move into the market and start getting them into your shop? Any resources?


3. Lastly I would just like to hear peoples startup stories from a business perspective just to get an idea of what works and doesn't work in starting and growing an automotive shop.



Thanks guys love this forum!

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      Hello ...... I'm new to this forum so bear with me lol
      I've been in the automotive industry my entire life, working in retail environments, small family owned shops and a few large new car dealers. My wife and I are trying to open our own place and are currently in the middle of financial projections. Part of that is estimating our fixed and variable costs. We are in NH and I've been getting rough estimates for liability insurance for the business from a number of different Insurance companies. These estimates are all over the map! Anywhere from $900 a year to almost $6000! My question for the forum is ....... does anyone have a realistic idea of what this coverage should cost?
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      Hello everyone. I am well into the process of starting my own shop. The plan is to open our doors for business October 1st this year. I won't pretend to be the most knowledgable with business, but am putting forth as much effort to prepare as I can. I hope to find a couple mentors here who would be willing to help me through this startup time and beyond. Things like refining the business plan, financing options, etc.
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      Ok I posted yesterday about this and if anyone is interested in following me through the startup and growth of my own auto shop please follow my blogging at the facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/498885236930554/
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      Just a quick topic on market research.
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      Also interested in what info you guys were looking for and found??
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      Hey guys,
      I got a quick question for you guys, it seems to me that with a new startup shop that is not established it could be very difficult to get a mechanic that will buy in to the business and actually want to work.
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