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We just bought this car...

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Just curious as to how others handle the customer who comes in with a car they just bought recently. They may come in for just an oil change. Once you get the car in the air, you find the subframe covered with oil. Or you find the transmission leaking fluid.


How do you approach the customer with this information? You know they are gonna be upset. You know they will probably deny the work right now, and probably take it back to the lot they bought it from, trying to get the salesman to pay for it. But they bought the car 'as-is'. I'm just not sure what the best way is to hand over a $1000+ quote to someone who hasn't had the car for more than 3-6 months. Haha, and then to start to mention maintenance items on top of all that!


Any advice is greatly appreciated.


*On top of that, what if the car lot they bought it from recommended they come see you to have the car worked on and serviced?

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