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Third Party/Aftermarket Warranties... WORST!

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I see more and more of these terrible warranties everyday! Its so hard to do business and explain to customers that they practically have gotten scammed. They seemingly don't understand the business of these warranties and how difficult it is to actually get them to pay, how long they will be out of a car while an inspector comes to see the vehicle and what small percentage these crooks are willing to pay. I am so sick and tired of these companies and how they make us, the repairers the bad guys! How do you guys deal with this even after you give your customers all the warnings??


I am in it with this one customer that replaced his wheels and springs with aftermarket parts and is now trying to get the warranty company to pay for his shocks and springs. They are most likely going to deny his claim and I am already bracing myself for the backlash.


I am almost at the end of my patience with dealing with these companies and really ready to say we are not dealing with them anymore. Problem is I feel it will turn potential customers away even the ones who have the warranties but understand the items they do and don't cover.

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