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Sometimes I wonder...

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Today I had an interaction with a dealer shop that was quite interesting. Recently a indy dealer brought in a 06 dodge with a glow plug light issue and a brake light. Upon determining the ebcm was faulty and would required replacement we serviced the vehicle and pulled it out and called the customer for approval. The next morning, we had approval and started the truck to pull it in. No oil pressure on gauge, lots of other lights on. Checked base oil and verified pressure was present and called the customer. Of course he's had no problems with the truck or cluster issues so we dig in. When the truck originally came in it was found to have a aftermarket turbo , big injectors, double disc clutch and a belt driven fuel system, gauges etc. It was also determined that the engine fan had been damaged by the pulley on the fuel system. The more we looked we found some pretty horrific wiring modifications from hot wires wrapped around the ignition switch feed and the wire twisted together. Hot wires with no fuses everywhere. Gauges each wired independently to various light sources and ground/hot sources. Tipm connector locks broken, communication (bus c) wires pierced all the way into with a test light. I eventually through process of elimination found that if I wiggled the ecm c2 connector that I could replicate the intermittent cluster issue followed with a failure of a/c function and a host of ecm communication codes, I also found a connector that would replicate some of the symptoms. I determined that the engine wiring harness should be replaced, the main reason being the X2 connector appeared to be a sealed unit and would require a complete resplice and coupled with the locks damaged and pierced wires I just felt it would be a much less stressful situation for all involved. Well after 3500 for injectors, diag, fan, fuel system removal the customer bucks and ask that we try any possible budget fixes and I know in a real bad place lol. We found that by tightly pulling up the ecm harness that most problems stopped, so we disclaimed it out the butt, tied the wires up and tightened the pins in the other connector as much as possible. After pickup the truck was sold and the problem returned. I said all that to say this, it went to another indy dealers because we were to busy to take it in the needed time frame. The indy dealer charged $250 with the fix being a reflash. When the driver picked it up it was still not repaired. The owner asked dodge to diagnose it and repair it, I was told the estimate was $300.00 to diag. (Mind you then dealer supposedly showed both shops invoice documenting our findings.)

The customer calls and ask about finding a used ecm, that dodge says the ecm has failed. I asked if I might be able to speak with the technician for to make sure he understands what I had found. After speaking with a service advisor who was one of the meanest and rude individuals she informs me they don't allow their technicians to speak with other technicians from other shops. I informed her I just wanted to help and felt the information might help the technician be more efficient at fixing the issue quickly she got him on the phone. I explain our findings, and that one of the key elements of my theory was the fact sensor grounds were all showing erratic high voltage when the problem occurred. And the the a/c clutch signal from ecm to tipm was erratic when the problem occurred and that grounds z902 appeared to be the problem. The dealer tech says " well, I've not really had time to look at it, and we've had ecm problems and when I tap the ecm with a hammer its malfunctions... and you said something i wanted to straighten you out on" I said absolutely. "There can't be voltage on a ground circuit, but since you're so committed to the fact it needs a wiring harness to we'll make sure he buys that and the ecm" I asked what methods were used to find the failed ecm he said "I hit it with a hammer and the lights came on"



I known it shouldn't bother me but this poor guys paying $300 for this kind of service? I've tried so hard to expand my knowledge and learn at every corner but its just offensive that the dealership who's supposed to have the best of the best techs would act this way, regardless if I'm right ( i might be completely wrong who knows) . No wonder no one trust shops/mechanics.

Sorry for the rant I just wonder how you guys deal with situations that go south like this. Probably should have mined my own business and went about my way.


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      Now that I see the notification GM released last week, i believe this issue occurred at the original oil change prior to the one we did. As I said, we had great video of the open end of the old filter as we removed it from the vehicle and I don't believe this stand pipe could have possibly been inside. Their is also no evidence of the tech struggling with anything "down in there" other then the normal A/C line interference issue. . 

      Looking at the design and the A/C line interference, I suspect that the stand pipe is being knocked loose as the filter is being "angled" around the A/C lines to get the old one out. I suspect the oring on the stand pipe is the only thing holding it in the oil filter housing. Once the standpipe is disposed of, the housing has to be replaced, as the stand pipe is not available separately. The housings are in short supply with only three left in the country on dealers shelves and none in Gm distribution centers. Their is a new part number for the housing and those are not available yet. Original pt# 12675707 and new pt# 12682014. 

      Looking at the attached illustrations and notice, it would not be easy to completely miss the fact that a problem was evident. The stand pipe looks too big to me to be easily missed. I suspect it is plastic and the words "housing cracked" was mentioned in the conversation with the service manager. I wonder if the stand pipe is actually cracking during removal of the filter, making it difficult/impossible to reinstall. If we did not do it, then why the old filter had not failed yet ours did, comes into question. Cold weather "full oil flow" was also mentioned in the conversation with the service manager, and those were the conditions at the time of the failure. 

      The images also create some questions for me. The new housing does not appear to be identical to the OE installed housing, so is it an already redesigned housing? The filter bulletin in the Napa/Wix box talks about an update to the filter to include a check valve in the top of the filter. Our old filter does not appear to have this check valve, the Napa/Wix does and our new stock P0171 filters also have it. Looking at the design of the stand pipe in the new housing, it would almost appear that the small nipple on the end of the stand pipe might make more sense if it fit into the open hole of the old filter. The stand pipe design almost seems wrong for the filter with the check valve, unless it is shorter than it looks and never reaches the upper end of the filter. Would be great if the next shop to have one of these off would post some additional pics to try and help reduce confusion. 

      Based on the notice from Gm, this does indeed look like it could get ugly. Although, this dealer covered all the extensive engine repairs under warranty(heads pulled, all new timing components, cleaning passages), i am not convinced all dealers will take that approach. In my case, it was nice(incredible?) to see GM step up and take responsibility. It helped that my customer (owner of the Colorado) retired from a GM primary supplier dealing with issues exactly like this for the later half of his career. He knew the right people to call to get the info needed to drill down to the root cause. 

      Randy Lucyk 
      Midas Kalkaska

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