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Tell Your People Why?


Years back, when I first started working, my father would instruct me to listen to my boss, and if he asked me to sweep the bay, I should sweep the entire shop. He would also tell me not to ask questions. The boss is the boss and he has the power to hire and fire. Well, that style of management no longer applies to today’s workforce.


Today, to simply expect someone to follow orders without understanding why, will not create long term buy-in. People need to understand the inner workings of how a business is run and the reasons why certain procedures and policies need to be followed. Employees may follow orders, but only for the short term. It’s one of the reasons why techs and staff follow a new procedure for the short term, but as time goes on, the process is either abandoned or performed half-hearted. From the perceptive of the shop owner, this is interpreted as a lack of caring or lack of willingness to do what is told.


Make sure everyone in your company knows the reason behind a certain procedure or policy. Ensure that there is clarity on the part of the employee whenever a task is assigned. When the people in your shop understand the importance and the reasoning behind the task or policy, they are more inclined to comply. Get people to work as a team. The best organizations have people who understand that each position in the company is key to the overall success of the team. When each person views their position as a valuable piece to the overall success, it creates buy-in from the individual and the team spirit flourishes. Of course, as always, you need the right people in your company also.

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