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One new feature that we're adding today is a "Best Answer" feature, so that the topic starter can mark the reply that suited them best. This will help readers jump to the solution. For now, we've only enabled it in the forum Need Business Help? Post Here!



Basically, the topic starter will see a button called "Best Answer"


Bestanswer New.JPG


Once they click that button, that post will be marked as the best answer for that topic




On teh top of the topic, readers will see


Best Answer.JPG


We'll add this to the other forums in the coming weeks after we see if it catches on.

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We've added this feature to a majority of our forums to help identify the "Best Answer" chosen by the topic starter.


You can go back to any earlier topic, and as long as you are the starter, you cac mark the "Best Answer". Hopefuilly this helps navigating a bit as well, especially for new members and guests looking to become members.


The forums below now have this feature:


General Automotive Discussion
Non-Automotive Discussions
Outside The Shop

Marketing, Advertising, & Promoting
Banner Programs & Franchising
Management Software, Web Sites, & Web
HR Topics, Hiring, & Firing & Training
Workflow Management
Accounting, Profitability, & Payroll
The Customer Experience
Automotive Products & Services

Repair/Diagnostic Help & Tech Tips!
Back to the Dealer?
Right To Repair Act
Automotive Shop Tools & Equipment

Auto Body Marketing
Insurance Companies
Parts, Paints, & Supplies
Auto Body Shop Efficiency

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