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Joe Marconi

Will Social Media Work for Your Shop?

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Will Social Media Work for Your Shop?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, etc.


Social media, as in any marketing, is another form of media that helps to promote your company in your community and to your customers. Deciding whether social media is right for shop is a complicated question. First, before you make that decision, you need to do your due diligence and understand the different forms of social media. However, once that decision has been made it’s better to leave the job at managing your social media to a professional.


Take Facebook for example, being on Facebook and talking about your grandson’s first steps is vastly different than promoting your company. Done properly, social media can help spread the culture of company, done wrong and it could be perceived as a cheap way to promote your services or products. And that will turn off the people you are trying to reach. Social media is social media. It’s a place to remain in contact with your customers, friends and people in your community.


If social media is something you want to explore you need to speak to the pros. Most CRM companies (for example; Mitchell1, MechanicNet, CustomerLink, Demandforce) and others all offer program options that can get your shop involved with social media. Moving Targets (a company that is best known for finding new residents in your community) also has an extensive social media program. There are also many private companies that do this. You, as a shop owner, are just too busy to learn and keep up with all the posts, and keeping current with all the changes that occur constantly.


Marketing is about creating an experience so rewarding and memorable that the customer wants to return to relive that experience again. That experience can be reinforced after the sale. Maintaining contact with your customers after the sale in a non-intrusive manner can help to anchor your customer to you. Social media, done properly, can help to achieve this.

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