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Hey guys, first post here but I've been a lurker for a little while. Lots of good info here! Anyway, I've been contacted by Angie's List a few times now about advertising on their site. Cost would be under $200 a month and the Charlotte area has about 44,000 members. Has anyone ever advertised with them and was it worth it?


Thanks in advance,





*Edit- as of now we have 17 reviews with them and have an "A" rating, a few of my current, high ticket customers have found us through Angies List.*

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They are always trying to get me to advertise with them. I haven't spent any money with them because there isn't much of a following for me in this area and I don't have many reviews so it wasn't worth my money. If you have a bunch of reviews, I would strongly consider it because people are already reviewing you anyway.

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I get their stuff in the mail all the time. I really don't think it amounts to much. The way I see it, the type of people who take the time to write their complaints down are the same type that are not going to become regular customers. A small portion of the general public that go to these sites to review your shop are the cautious type. They are probably still going to come into your shop.... regardless.


If the wacko's out there can write to the BBB or other places like Angie's list about how bad the industry is... I sure as hell can write about the wacko's that come into my the business. Two can play at that game. LOL Sometimes you've got to see the realism from both angles and not just from a list.

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