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Joe Marconi

Stop Comebacks before they leave

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Many comebacks can be controlled with a sound quality control process. I am not speaking of part issues, that's for another day. But, the little annoying things like forgetting to rotate the the tires, or installing the wiper blades that the customer requested, could all be controlled by a quality review system that checks and double checks the repair order.


I would like to hear from other shop owners how they go thru the process of quality control. Thanks in advance!

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Well Joe I'll sum up what I do, you reminded me of yet another task I need to complete :) !!!!!


I am the service manager, I work at the counter with my only other service advisor so I am real close and do the task myself as well. What we do is make sure we test drive each car after the repairs are done and cleaning is done. During this we are basically doing the following:

- Making sure the engine runs smooth and the vehicle rides smooth (obviously depends on what we know about the vehicle)

-Inspect interior and exterior to make sure no signs of hand prints are present, no signs of obvious damage that occured here (compare to sheet recording damage when vehicle was brought in)

-Look under hood to make sure no tools have been left behind, and that it is as tiddy as possible.

-I also go as far that if the car has some chips or a light scratch I know I can clean up and make it look better I do it and then show to owner to demonstrate to them that we care about their vehicle on all levels, and this usually helps break down the wall between repair shop and car owner. (Obviously I decide who I feel comfortable doing this with vs not)


I really need to develop a automatic system here and a list of the key points to check. Curious if anyone else has that set up and would like to share...

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When my crew is through with what they were asked to do I pretend I'm the customer. I check the car against the work order to see that services were done and the problems addressed were solved. I make sure the car cas enough fuel to get to a service station or home,all fluids topped off,wipers wipe,horn honks,tire aire is good,all exterior lights work and nothing dripping from underneath. Any last service recommedations for next time are noted. The vehicle always looks better to the eye then when it checked in. A road test around the magic circle and i park it in the best spot to leave that is available. B)

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