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Advanced Autoparts buys Carquest/BWP

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My Carquest rep came in today and spread the news that Carquest was bought by Advanced autoparts in a deal made in the last hours of last year. Execs at Advanced don't seem to be giving much input on their view as to how they will use their new acquisition. As it stands the best we know is that Carquest wholesale will remain mostly the same for about two years.


We have been buying heavily from Carquest over the past year. They are now our number one vendor for same day service parts. Quality is good, price is competitive and service is good. I am concerned though about how this change will effect the company. We don't do business with API, their low quality low price business model is not something that compliments a high quality repair shop like ours. Who else buys a lot from Carquest and what do you think you might do if Carquest/Advanced becomes the Walmart equivalent on the auto industry.


Press release



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