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Good morning all!

I'm interested in getting a Tech 2 to accomplish tasks that we are frequently finding our Scanner UN-capable of doing. Can anyone give me some insight, please? Such as; WHERE do I purchase one of these? How much can I expect to spend? What kind of ongoing expense to keep up to date? Is it reasonable for a small independant to own one or will the price exceed the return unless your a GM dealer?....That's all. Thanks in advance.


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Flash Sale + Social Proof

Flash Sale + Social Proof

Flash Sale + Social Proof

When I started buying scanners I went with the "off-the-truck" units. Snap-On, MatCo" etc... Many years ago MAC tools came out with a tech 2 that was sold under the MAC name. (Different color, but same machine) I did some background checking on the MAC tool and found out they actually got it from Vetronix Corp. (Which is now part of Bosch Inc.)

I bought the tech 2 from Vetronix. I've never, NEVER regretted it. A little expensive compared to the truck scanners... but OH MAN what a difference. You will have to buy a subscription to TIS (used to be called TIS 2000) It's a disc form of info that you load onto your PC and it has all the calibrations and info for reflash on their. (Some of the newer stuff is web based now)

After I bought my tech 2, it wasn't long before I bought ALL the dealer level scanners I could get. In fact I just bought the IDS for Fords so I imagine my NGS unit will start to gather dust... I guess I should sell it... the IDS will go back to around 94' (OBD 2 cars)

I'm also reviewing a new machine that will do 40 manufacturers. Code clear, for all sub systems... really cool scanner. (more on that later) These days when I hear a guy tell me how great his Snap on machine is.... I just have to laugh and shake my head... I don't want to tell them their wrong... but I sure as hell would love to see their reaction once they use a factory scanner... it's like night and day... seriously.



Here's a video of a buddy of mine "Bob Augustine" he sold me my unit years ago.


http://vetronix.com/ this is the website that will help you with more decisions on a tech2 unit, also there is another great tool on this site. Mastertech scanner is a universal scanner that covers more than any of those off the tool truck units. I have one and it is a super machine. It has an Oscope feature on it as well as a multi-meter section... really an all around good scanner. Follow the links on the pages and you'll find what your looking for.


hope this helps... Gonzo




Good morning all!

I'm interested in getting a Tech 2 to accomplish tasks that we are frequently finding our Scanner UN-capable of doing. Can anyone give me some insight, please? Such as; WHERE do I purchase one of these? How much can I expect to spend? What kind of ongoing expense to keep up to date? Is it reasonable for a small independant to own one or will the price exceed the return unless your a GM dealer?....That's all. Thanks in advance.


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hmmm,,, good question. If it was the "Off the truck" scanner it would have to say... Snap-on. BUT! ! I wouldn't buy it myself. For the real honest answer no, I wouldn't buy it... UNLESS you are buying their scanner that also doubles as your "Mitchell On-Demand' There is one of their scanners (probably more these days) that offer not only code reading but the ability to diagnose using Mitchell... that's a good deal. However, I already have Mitchell On-Demand so that doesn't help me much. Further more, if you ARE using Mitchell... read the tests... almost all of them require the dealer scanner to actually do the tests.


Ok, with that out of the way... Let me tell you which scanners I would buy.

Gonzo's Scanner Choices.


#1 Bosch/Vetronix --- Master Tech. It has the best coverage for a lot of vehicles... Including some flash programming, and a built in multi-meter and O-scope. It can be made CAN and will do imports as well as domestic. The coverage varies and the scanner is easy to use. You'll find things on it that you will not find on a Snap-On scanner, only on a dealer level scanner. It's a good code reader and data reader.

What it lacks is a decent "live" data reader... it's kinda lame. But still helps.


#2 Autoland Scientech DOL (Diagnostics On-Line) This is a new concept in scanners. A fair price at 1500 bucks. And an annual fee of around 150 dollars.

Now it's not much more than a code reader/clearer but it can do that on 40 + manufacturers. and ON ALL SYSTEMS... including airbag, steering ratio, Security access, key immobilizer, key reprogramming, and HVAC... etc... I just finished reviewing this one for the company... and I really think this is a great machine for the shop that doesn't do a lot of computer diagnostics. With this scanner you'll be able to retain a lot more work such as high end vehicles that you might have turned away in the past. There is talk of adding a lot more features to it too.


#3 Dealer level scanners. Without a doubt you can't go wrong with them... however they are manufacturer specific and expensive. I have several of them. NGS, IDS, DRB, etc...


#4 Snap-On... nice machines, but, too many parts to deal with... the little keys get dirty, broken or misplaced. But they are an effective machine for the price.


#5 Genysis - a slow but effective machine, lots of updates and crazy cards to deal with it. I've got one... ya wanna buy it... LOL


I also have some airbag only scanners... dated.. and not updatable. (Snap-On units), I also have some older scanners like the Matco 4000E... effective in their day, but I haven't turned them on in years.


I really like the Ford IDS program, but I will say this .. TAKE SOME CLASSES it will help to understand it better.


I just finished writing the quiz and tests for AVI's video on the IDS...


Here's AVI's website and a few of the pages. http://diagnosticnews.com/category/tech/page/2/ (kinda partial to the author of this story)

http://diagnosticnews.com/category/quick-quiz/ (some of the quiz's that I wrote)

I would browse this site, you'll find a lot of great DVD's, on line classes, and exceptional info. Of course, I write for them also. LOL


Here's a good site for Airbag infor too. http://www.airbagsolutions.com/

I've got more info, but I think this is a good start for anyone that hasn't been in the "know" about scanners. I am a little partial on the scanners that I do use, but I have demo'd the Snap-On scanners, and when I have a MasterTech sitting next to it... I'll take the MasterTech every time.


Hope this helps, there are a lot more scanners out there, and I haven't used them all, but I've used a LOT of them.


If you have any more info, I'd like to hear about it.


Get Scannin' - Gonzo


Gonzo, thanks for the info. If you were a shop with only one off the truck scanner. What scanners would you invest in and in what order?

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When I get a release on the story I wrote about the Autoland DOL scanner, I'll post it on ASO. Right now, I'm locked into a holding pattern on it until I get an OK from the company. The article has already been approved and edited, but, I haven't "officially" talked to the company about a release. (Sometimes they want to hold the rights to the article, other times I get to resell the article to other magazines.)


I'll say this, once you read this article... you'll want one.

You can check out a short Bio on the scanner on my website under the reviews page. It tells a lot, but there is even more info in my article.

Here's the link http://www.gonzostoolbox.com/Reviews/DOL.html Check it out and let me know. Gonzo



Thanks Gonzo! We have a Snap-on and use to have the Genysis. I guess we will look at a Master Tech.

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