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Joe Marconi

Yes Mrs. Customer, We Can Work On Your New Car

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Yes Mrs. Customer, We Can Work On Your New Car


Many of your customers may mistakenly believe that they need to bring their new car back to the car dealer for routine services under the warranty period. We know this is not true and we need to educate our customers of this fact. Smart sales people often mislead consumers in order to get them to return to the dealer for routine services.


You need to promote the fact that your customers do not have to return to the dealership with their new car for basic services and repairs. Talk with all customers who have vehicles under 3 years old and inform that bringing the car to you will not in any way affect their new-car warranty. If your management program has the capability, perform a search of your customer data base and find those you have not seen in a while. They may have purchased a new car recently and may be bringing their new car to the dealer. You need to contact these people. Also, let your customers know that you have access to all the same service information the dealer has.


Dealerships want to increase their market share and are willing to fight to attract your customers. Start an action plan today to maintain your customers. As we see new car sales begin to increase, this becomes even more important.

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