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Some Fatherly Advise

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    • By UsedTireShop
      I don't know about your state but here in Rhode Island we are struggling for Auto Techs. Every dealer is looking for qualified techs. This makes it even more difficult for smaller shops like mine to find qualified people. It seems that every applicant I get is either in between binges or a felon.
      I am not at the level yet to offer medical, dental or 401k. I am willing to offer top dollar to the right person.
      Does anyone have a classified ad they use that works well or some input to help me find a good tech?
    • Guest omiyasports
      By Guest omiyasports
      Hi all,
      My name is Phil and i am 25 years old. I started the mechanic shop in Cary NC . I took over as a running business next to a used car lot with app. 150 cars.
      We have about 60% of the business from them. My shop has 10 bays with 8 lifts and a back area can store another 5 cars.
      We have 5,6 shops around us , and few tires and body shop around us. Most of the people did not recognize us and think that we are part of the dealership or the mechanic shop next to us. I finally got permit to put up wall sign and light box by the street. In this 6 months of ownership, have 5 mechanics come and go. Finally I hired a L1 tech i can trust and we can break even in May. Right now, i have 1 manager , 2 mechanics in the back. I recently bought an alignment machine and tire machines. My plan is the expand the business with enough of fleet works and street customers and get 1 or 2 more mechanics to utilize the shop.
      Being an Asian, i try to focus on this group of people. We have approximately 20,000 people in this area and most of them has the language barrier and willing to find a trust worthy shop for repairing. I am gonna advertise on local newspaper and business to get our name our there.
      I want to specialize in Japaneses and general repair for all models.
      My manager will be focusing on fleet service. I joined the chamber of commerce months ago and i am researching the potential business ,such as construction and plumbing company, to see if they have fleet vehicles for us to work on.
      This first 6 months in to business is really hard for me and i am frustrated all the time. i really need some advise to keep us running. Please let me know if i am doing it right or wrong and tell me what i should do next.
      I graduated with a mechanical engineering degree in 2011. I am always want to work with cars and i decided to start up my own business in the beginning of the year. At first my parents is not supporting me, and think that i should get a job. but now they seems changing their mind as my passion in it and my hard working. I hope my dream will come true and my parents can retire soon.
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