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Start LLC for $0 at IncFile

Start LLC for $0 at IncFile

Start LLC for $0 at IncFile



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Flash Sale + Social Proof

Flash Sale + Social Proof

Flash Sale + Social Proof

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    • By Transmission Repair

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    • By carmcapriotto
      Advancing the Aftermarket. Of late there has been a lot of dialogue around my circles about being paid for the value you give and bring to your customer. I recently saw a survey of shops whose sales averaged $750,000 yet their net operating profit was only 2%. That is only a $15,000 average net operating income before tax. This troubling stat begs the question: How do you continue to invest in the business and even provide a living wage for you and your team at that level of profit? 98.9% of shop owners that I asked about raising their labor rate told me that they were the one who was most affected by the change. (their hesitancy and the pressure is all unjust)
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    • By carmcapriotto
      Maylan Newton from ESI – Educational Seminars Institute is a business coach, trainer and industry speaker. Maylan is no stranger to the podcast having paid it forward many times. He is a much sought our speaker at industry events in the US. Find Maylan’s previous episodes HERE.
      “He is ‘just a car guy’ with lots of knowledge and is brave enough to talk about it”. Maylan’s purpose is to educate leaders to be a better owner or service writer.
      Carlo Sabucco, 2nd generation owner of Sil’s Complete Auto Care Centre. My father started the company September 1976, I joined in 1994 and succession of ownership in 2009. Company is now a 7000 square foot facility with 8 bays and 6 wonderful team members. I would never be here today without the team, the help of some amazing coaches, my peer group for the last 16 years, and lastly my wife Melanie. The last 2 years has been a steep learning curve of C Suite coaching, personal development, learning to be a better leader and focusing on where the industry will be in 5-10 years and preparing for it. Listen to Carlo’s other Episodes HERE.
      Glenn Larson, Foothill Autoservice, Lake Forest, CA
      Key Talking Points
       Defining “what is worth”The value equivalent to that of someone or something under consideration The level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated We are here to push you to rethink your labor ratesBuild your customer base to people that want to pay your price to have you maintain their vehicles Weed out customers who don’t want to pay the rates 80/20 Rule - 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers Successful yearReputation Word of mouth advertising Focus on your peopleCustomers Employees Emotion is a big driver in worth and what we charge 3 angles of worthWorth of the businessThe right tools The right technicians Do you believe in your employees Worth of the mathematicsFormulas Calculations Are you the owner-worthy? Does your facility warrant what you charge?Can you walk thru your place and say “I actually should be charging more?” Do I need to clean house here and change things around to make it look a little better? Do I need better tools? If you don’t look like you belong, no one will pay your ratesUse good parts Have certified technicians We get paid for our knowledge, not what we do The business is meant to work for us, we’re not there meant to work for it Every shop in every area is differentRaise labor rates 2% every quarter How to’s and why’s of figuring out what to chargeKnow that you have to charge more Know the value of your business The cost of doing business Running the business on “jingle factor” is not P&LFocus on net profit What net do you need? Why do you need net? Paralysis by Analysis  Final thoughtsGlennIf you have more self respect for yourself and realize what you’ve put into the industry and what your value is to this industry, this will help you charge what you’re worth Your customers want you and your team to take care of their car and they will pay what you charge CarloYou gotta make money because no one will be at your retirement party because you didn’t know how to run a business. If you don't make money, they’re not gonna be there to write you the check to take care of you in retirement. If your business goes under, it’s your fault MaylanWe have to understand our business Profit is not a bad word If something happens to you right now, how is this business gonna support your family with day to day expenses Your employees depend on you to make a profit so you can stay in business The value to your customer Resources:
      A special thanks to Maylan Newton, Carlo Sabucco and Glenn Larson for his contribution to the aftermarket. Books Page HERE Listen to all Remarkable Results Radio, For The Record and Town Hall Academy episodes. Facebook   Twitter   Linked In   Email
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      This episode is brought to you by Shop-Ware Shop Management. It’s time to run your business at its fullest potential with the industry’s leading technology. Shop-Ware Shop Management will increase your efficiency with lightning-fast workflows, help your staff capture more sales every day, and create very happy customers who promote your business. Shops running Shop-Ware have More Time and generate More Profit—join them! Schedule a free live demonstration and find out how 30 minutes can transform your shop at getshopware.com

      This episode is brought to you buy Shop Marketing Pros. Your guides are Kim and Brian Walker with a rich history as shop owners and industry veterans. When someone searches for a shop, who are they finding? Your competitors? It should be you! The good people over at Shop Marketing Pros know how to drive website traffic and make Google work for you! www.shopmarketingpros.com
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    • By Alex
      Coronavirus has helped streamline video messaging, video conferencing, and just overall the act of watching video on various platforms. Large companies are creating weekly videos to message their employees and customers these days. Some of you may even be doing the something similar, and if not recording and sharing video, maybe at least communicating more through video. I was on linkedin and thought this video posted by @ncautoshop from L&N Performance Auto Repair was worth a share. 😁

    • Advertise your services or products to passers-by attracting them towards your business
    • By carmcapriotto
      Free Training! Unheard of!  Robert ‘Dutch’ Silverstein of A&M Auto Service, Pineville, NC,  is putting up a $4,000 scholarship for a shop owner and technician for ADAS training.  This means TWO guys from the same shop (an owner and his lead tech) can attend this hands-on seminar. ADAS technology is not going away and everyone needs to move on training. You may even decide to become an ADAS calibration center as a result of your training. 
      In this episode find out why Dutch is providing this free scholarship from his own pocket to the industry. He believes the industry must step up and get involved with scholarships of all kinds. He also challenges shop owners to determine if they are spending enough time learning how to put money in their pocket through training.
      Robert “Dutch” Silverstein started A&M Auto Service, in Pineville, NC, over 19 years ago. He started working part-time out of a rented single bay in the back of a body shop. At that time, he was also a Captain for a major airline.  Ever since he was a boy, the Good Lord gave Dutch the ability of understanding and repairing things mechanical.
      As his business continued to grow, Dutch soon recognized the public’s need for an honest, integrity driven, low sales pressure repair facility. A shop that is motivated to educate each customer and address his/her automotive needs individually. One that is focused on doing the RIGHT thing, not some distant Corporate or Franchise Business Model idea of the right thing, but THE right thing for each customer.   Listen to Dutch’s previous episodes HERE.
      Time-sensitive scholarship is due by August 5, 2019. Enter “Scholarship” in the subject line. Dutch’s Email HERE.
      In memory of his mom and aunt who were teachers, he is offering an ADAS Scholarship Better the industry. Will you be ready to embrace the new technology Invest in your people. Stop posting your numbers and a picture of your boat. Will, that improve the industry?  $4,000 ADAS scholarship   Focus on ADAS training for two people Draws candidates out of raffle- free to nominate and be nominated and received less than 25 applicants Training Graduate tech schools you have a license to learn- established foundation Need to be a perpetual student after you graduate and continue training  Post-secondary education gives  a license learn As a shop owner, we must give back Give back to your community, invest in people that keep business running All talk but no action about bettering the industry Keep updated with changing technology instead of sending customers to dealerships  Prioritize where you spend money- training Hire people who have the same values as you- integrity-driven   Dutch concentrates on a relationship-based business model with customers Being an ADAS calibration center is a short term goal Talk soon,

      Thanks to Dutch Silverstein for his contribution to the aftermarket’s premier podcast. Link to the ‘BOOKS‘ page highlighting all books discussed in the podcast library HERE. Leaders are readers. Leave me an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews really help and I read each one of them.

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      Since 1989 TRACS has been the industry’s leading shop management system. And in the last 30 years it’s gotten better and better. Today TRACS Enterprise offers even more of the features AutoCare Center owners want—things like a powerful interactive scheduling calendar, faster and streamlined work flow, plus streamlined parts ordering and purchasing options. And there’s more—Punch-out to Mitchell ProDemand, mobile VIN capture, and multi-shop capabilities. That means you can count on TRACS Enterprise to help drive your success today and well into the future.
      Learn more about TRACS Enterprise and the hundreds of other benefits the NAPA family has to offer. Talk with your servicing NAPA store or visit www.NAPAAutoCare.com.
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