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Joe Marconi

More Trouble for Right to Repair Act

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A member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Rep. Martin J. Walsh, who originally supported the right to Repair Act, is now urging his colleagues not to vote for the bill. Rep. Martin J. Walsh, a Democrat, was listed as one of the original co-sponsors of the Bill.


According to Rep. Walsh, the claims that small repair shops are at a disadvantage are nothing further from the truth. He goes on to say that repair stations see it unnecessary to invest in a full suite of the tools and training and that the solutions are already in place.


In other words folks, this politician is agreeing with the notion that the problems that we are faced with everyday in repairing and servicing our customer’s cars are all ours. We are the problem, not the auto maker. Our Problem???


We created TPMS? We created window door modules that need reprogramming after installation? We created transmissions that need reprogramming after replacement? We created idle relearn recalibration after removing the intake plenum to replace spark plugs? We created steering angle sensor recalibrating after a wheel alignment? I could go on and on, but you get the point.


How do you feel about the right to Repair Act? Is it a waste of time? Are you all really happy with the direction we are headed?


I know where I stand. I have been fighting for our rights for years, even at the State level, testifying before public hearings….tell me where you stand.

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