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Do They See You?

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I have run into a interesting dilemna.

Let me give you the background and then the issue.


I have many levels of advertising/marketing, from social websites to an LED sign at each one of my locations (5), all but 2 are in different towns and markets so they all have different strategies except they all have LED signs. They have become a very valuable part of the "campaign", if you will.

I staggered purchase/install out over a 3 year period and have seen great results in all but one location (it's my toughest location, hit hard right now but my fixed exp are so low that it's still profitable).



The LED sign virtually is ineffective. It's like no one notices it.

In an effort to change things up I got a sign permit ($20mo.) to put a banner out front and it blew up!

I mean 40+ more cars a week and a great customer base. MIND BOGGLING..

But hey the "sign nazi's " (sorry that's what I call them, they are horrible to deal with in any town) said I could purchase the permit monthly

and all is good.

Except I've got LED this sign... hmmmm..

Of course, I go back to renew the banner permit and they tell me "since you have an LED sign you can't continually get the permit, this will be your last one". So I ride it out and take it down...car count and sales bottom out.. even my regulars.. MIND BOGGLING..

So in an effort to change it up, I call the city and ask if I turn my LED sign off, can I put the 2 sided banner back up. They say yes and we're off again!

For some reason this is dramatically affects my business, even my best customers only show up when the banner is out front.


What would you do?

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