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Importance Of Identifying Your Shop and Staff

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After hearing this story tonight, I figured I'd share.


My parents and sister came over to our house tonight for Easter dinner, and shared some photos and stuff from their trip to Key West, which they just returned from yesterday. They drove down the east coast from New York, and stopped in Orlando at my aunt's house, on the way. My aunt was getting over being sick this week and was having difficulty getting around, maybe not feeling well, etc...but had to pick her car up from the service station. Something about battery cables rotting away and the car dying on her earlier in the week.


My parents offered to pick it up for her, to make it easier on her, since she really wasn't in the best of health this week. She was very happy about this and said it was at the Mobil station around the corner...make a left, then a right, and it's right there.


To make a long story short, my parents hunted around every Mobil station for 5 miles in each direction...no one had her car. They came back and got the number from my aunt and decided to call (maybe they should have done that first). They got better directions and found out that the car was at "something" Automotive Repair. They pulled in to this shop parking lot, with no sign of Mobil anywhere...yet when they walked in, the mechanics had Mobil logos above their shirt pockets.


My mother asked the owner if they were a Mobil shop, and if so...where were the pumps. The owner said, "No, we just buy our oil from Mobil, and they give us these nice patches for our shirts."


From an older woman's perspective, the shop must have not been clearly identified and the one thing that stood out, was the Mobil logos on their shirts.

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