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Brake and Front published article

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Hi everyone, If you have been reading my posts then you probably have already read this article in it's original version.

Diagnostic fee or Diagnostic free... If you haven't here it is edited for Brake and Front end magazine.


This is the FIRST article for Brake and Front end. I'm pretty proud of it if ya can't tell.


What can you do for me... besides reading my posts ??


Go to the link that takes you to the article at Brake and Front end and leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Say whatever you would like, but of course it would even better to say something that would encourage the editors/staff to want to print more of my stories... sure would appreciate it.


BTW... every article that I am working on that I will eventually send out I let you guys see it first... it's a good feed back as to what I should change or add to the articles. Thanx again... Gonzo


Here is the link to my article...



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