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Is there a movement to tarnish Japanese carmakers?

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Seems to me that lately the media is all over every single recall that comes out from the Japanase makers. Granted, the Toyota and other recalls are all serious, but for instance.. Yesterday a Nissan recall was announced. The US government is also all over these manufacturers...from what I hear. They are under the microscope.


All this has to reduce confidence and build the domestic brand awareness...no?


Sometimes it seems like Japanese bashing movement to build the domestic carmakers back up. Not trying to raise a conspiracy theory...just wondering.


What makes the risk for the Japanese automakers greater is that the actual quality of the vehicles is now roughly the same as the quality of the two leading domestic brands, Chevrolet and Ford. That wasn't true a decade ago.


The J.D. Power initial quality survey found that for 2000 model year vehicles, Ford and Chevrolet vehicles had between 29% to 42% more problems than Toyotas and Hondas. But for 2009 model vehicles, the gap is down to between 1% and 4%.


The recall crisis has the chance to "level the playing field a little bit more in perception," said Schuster.


Toyota's recall ripples could hit Honda, Nissan - Mar. 1, 2010

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I would be glad to state the conspiracy theory here. Let's see. Both Nissan and Toyota are in direct competition with the US government that now owns Government Motors. The government is bashing their own competition which is very hypocritical in my opinion. Did we hear the big news the GM is having a recall on over 1 million of their cars. Have we heard the same overkill? CNN doesn't even have this story on their website... MSNBC does as does Fox News but why can't I find it on the Communist News Network?


GM Recall: Chevrolet Cobalt & Pontiac G5, Pursuit, G4 – Power Steering Failure

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