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Management Training?

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My first management training experience was many years ago, I would guess 20 years ago in Omaha Nebraska. I attended a 2 day training event by two upstart trainers whose names you may be familiar with. Mike Lee and Terry Greenhut. That was a 2 day training event to introduce us to another longer training event held in California that I decided against attending.

The best training I have attended was put on by a company called Horizon Training. Horizon had a rather unique arraignment where you took classes in 2 day modules and then went back to your shop to institute the things you learned. A month later, you attended another module and so on for 5 months. This training is undoubtedly the reason I am still in the biz today. I sometimes wonder if I should be glad or angry about that!

The trainer I had was named Kelly Bennett and I learned more from Kelly, that I use every day, than I would have ever imagined at the time.

By the way, There is a Hi-Tech expo and training opportunity in Kansas City in March each year that offers training in Management, Technical and even the Collision categories that I guarantee will compare to any you have ever attended. Ironically, Kelly Bennett is one of the trainers at this years event. I have added a link to the info to this post. Anyone interested should take a look. The course costs are very reasonable. Anyone interested in attending, let me know and I will gladly arrange a get together for AutoShopOwner members one evening.



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It appears we have been to many of the same seminars, but in different parts of the country. I know Terry Greenhut very well. He is from my area. He has also written articles for AutoShopOwner.


I also did the Horizon Training with my service advisors. I found it very benificial.


Do you know Jerry Holcom from S&S Service? He is also from Kansas City.


I will try to arrange to get out their for the Expo in March. It sounds like a wise investment.

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I do not know Jerry personally but I have just started attending the ASA Kansas/Missouri ASA group , of which Jerry is an officer, the last two months. I attended the Oct meeting with speaker George Witt who I really enjoy and the result of the November meeting should be my new website launched in the next few weeks. I already have found value in the group and yet I have not become a member. Hmmmmmm,that needs to be corrected.

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Jerry and I go way back to the early 90's. We were both CARQUEST Excellence Award Winners and members of the CARQUEST National Technicians Advisory councils for years. He is a good person. I have also attended George Witt’s seminars and home study courses.


Can you send me details of the EXPO? I want to post it on AutoShopOwner.

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