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The Health Bill Passes the House

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Now that the Health Bill has passed the House, I can only see tougher times ahead. What scares me is that the numbers don’t add up to what the government is telling us.


Plus, has anyone really read the 2,000 pages of the health bill? And, to say that the Health Bill will be made available on the Web for 72 hours for anyone to read is a joke. I don’t think Super Man can read that fast. Why 2,000 pages?? How many pages is the Declaration of Independence? The U.S. Constitution only consists of 6 pages!!! And that includes the Bill of Rights! Are the inmates running the asylum?


Someone tell me on wrong on this one. For once I rather be way off base.


It's BS. They're shoving this thing down everyone's throats!!! Below are some bullet points I just read online:


The key questions you need answered on health care:


Who's covered? About 96% of U.S. citizens and legal residents younger than 65.


Cost? $894 billion to $1.2 trillion over 10 years.


Who pays? Higher income taxes on couples earning more than $1 million a year and singles making more than $500,000, Medicare and Medicaid cuts and savings.


Must have? Those earning above $18,700 (couples) or $9,350 (singles) must have insurance or pay a 2.5% penalty on income.


Any help? Individuals and families with annual income up to 400% of poverty level, or $88,000 for a family of four, would get sliding-scale subsidies starting in 2013.


If I have insurance? Private, employer-subsidized plans remain the backbone of the system. Mandates on employers to provide coverage will encourage them to keep providing it.


Who can be denied? Insurance companies cannot deny coverage or charge higher premiums based on preexisting conditions. No higher premiums for gender. Limits on higher premiums based on age. Children could stay on parents' plans until age 27.


Any new options? Beginning in 2013, a new Health Insurance Exchange would be open to individuals with no or inadequate coverage and to small employers. A new government-run plan would be set up and run by the Health and Human Services secretary, offering levels of benefits covering 70% to 95% of health care expenses.


Help for seniors? The bill closes Medicare's prescription drug "doughnut hole” - a $3,454 coverage gap under which seniors have to pay for medicine totally from their own pocket.


Business impact? Employers with payrolls above $500,000 must provide insurance for employees or pay a penalty.


Small-business impact? Those with 10 or fewer workers would get tax credits to help them provide coverage.

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