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Coolant exchange

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I have 2 of these machines:  

They work pretty good and generally reduce most bleeding procedures (not all), but you have to be sure.    You get a left and a right tank, so you can have 2 types of coolant.  Once type 3 is needed, gotta drain one side or the other as the new fluid must be in a tank.    We use these for routine maintenance replacements.    If we have a system that requires manual flushing, hoses come off.   We'll then finish with this machine for the final fill.   Service is generally pretty quick (20 minutes plus a test drive).   Does require attended operation to ensure that the vacuum is maintained (don't let the hoses wiggle loose, etc).

I'm not seeing the link show up:   C-VAC3 - https://flodynamics.com/product/c-vac3/

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Tire Rack: Revolutionizing tire buying since 1979.

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