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Tires - are we competitive or low?

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I am a small auto shop owner;  I am trying to see if we are competitive or low in our prices for mounting, balancing etc.


Mounting 9.99

Balancing 9.99

Disposal 2.00

Vlave stems 2.99

tire rotation 10.00


We are in central New Jersey



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Grammarly Writing Support

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Mount $14.00 per tire

Balance $14.00 per tire

Valve stems $2.50 each (German, not from China)

Disposal $3.00 each

Rotation (No TPMS initialization required & with no other tire work)  $30.00 

Rotation (With TPMS initialization post rotation & with no other tire work)  $34.00

Tire repair (puncture) - Locate leak, approved plug/patch from inside, re-mount, re-balance, install on vehicle, check air all around, reset TPMS (if needed) and secure spare (if needed) - $42.00

I am in North East New Jersey, last exit on GSP going North.


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Mount and balance:  60 series and higher $18.50, 50-55 series  $20.50,  40-45 series $22.50,  35 series and lower  $24.50. add $3.00 for 20" and bigger wheels. Deduct $2.00 if off car. We do not charge for M/B on tires we sell. It's included in the price. Rotations are $19.95 if it's a stand alone service and they aren't our tires. Add $10.00 if major TPMS rest. Disposal $2.50. Tire repairs $20.00.

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