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Hello ladies and gentlemen of the AutoShopOwner community. I am new to this forum but have almost 8 years of professional automotive industry knowledge and know-how. Although new to this forum and progressing toward the ownership of my shop (started the bank process last week) I look forward to flipping though this forum and hopefully making some great friends in the community and learning what I can. I come from Fixed Operations management and have received a couple of accolades from manufacturers (foreign and domestic)  and publications. I wont post any public information on this forum until the day I leave my current employment for fear of being terminated by them. This next comment is not to sound cocky or over confident in myself or my ability but I know that they would fear that I would take my pick of their techs, advisors, and a large customer base and for that terminate me at their earliest convenience.  added note, if you work for a dealership now I will show you how to put over $100,000 on your gross profit annually without cutting pay or expenses. Not here to advertise that just want to help the world around me. 

First questions I would have for anyone:

lease or purchase a building?

Stand alone or row (contiguous)?

DMS or invoicing software used?

Labor rate (understand that location is a major factor)?

Mitchell or Alldata?

Bays per Tech? (mechanical)

Square footage of shop area?

average parts markup in your store?

average gross per tech? (1mo)

with a wife and two Kids would you leave a good job to chase your dream?

What is your google star ranking?

How many customer/cars a day?

Hours of operation? 

do you do SEM / SEO? 

what type of marketing do you do? 

any other advise? 


Thank you all, not sure if anyone will play 20 questions but I am really curious of what everyone's opinions. My goal and probably everyones goal is to walk into day 1 with a clear understanding of what needs to happen over the first couple of months to make things happen. If anyone has any questions for me I would be happy to answer them. I understand that I am as novice to the independent world as I could possibly be, I do however know dealership fixed operations very well and am only perusing this as it has been a dream of mine and I need to take this leap of faith to fulfill my personal goals in life. 


Cheers, good on ya, and lets rock this thing! 

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