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coolant testing methods

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Following things should be considered to evaluating engine coolant condition:
1. The quality of the liquid in the system
2. How frequently you’ve added water and how much you’ve added:
3. What kind of climate you live in
4. How often you use your car’s air conditioner

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Visual test, voltage, test strip, specific gravity, refractometer are all good coolant tests. Each one will tell different things about the coolant. Used together you can get a whole picture of the coolant's remaining life.


Here's a good article on testing coolant voltage, it's super quick & easy, and can be useful. Coolant's pH should be above 7 for sure, but as high as 10 is fine.

If the pH drops below 7 and becomes acidic, that's when your coolant turns into an electrolyte, your engine becomes a battery and generates it's own voltage between a random anode and cathode (bad).

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