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Our thoughts and prayers for those being affected by Harvey

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We are praying for our brothers and sisters down in TX. We have sent supplies to Austin, and hoping we can help in whatever way we can.

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    • By DiscoDave
      I am helping a growing business to be more efficient.  As part of this, I am looking at a service to maintain our general hardware and supplies.  The shop needs a manager as the owner is too involved with the shop - and rightly so as he is highly respected in his arena.  That's another discussion.
      As he moved into a larger facility and hired more people. I'm working on efficiencies.  The current goal is to have common hardware an supplies on hand, always.  I am looking for a service to handle this.  I have spoken with Rogo, Fastenal and Kimball Midwest.   Any other suggestions?  Runs to the hardware store are costly...
    • By CAautogroup
      Hello all,
      Our current supplier for shop supplies just announced a 25% increase on nitrile disposable gloves (Ouch), as well as a 10% increase on wiper blades and metal spin on filters. I have limited to no choice in forwarding these increases to customers. However, I am in the market of seeking other suppliers. What companies do you currently use for such stocked inventory? Any recommendations? 
      What are your thoughts in asking the techs to supply their own work gloves? Perhaps a non disposable nitrile grip?
      Kind Regards,
    • By SouthCountyTire
      First post, so long story long... I am a new TIRE shop owner. I started getting the paperwork side of things together at the end of 2015 to be ready on paper by 01/01/16. I was working for a privately owned, 9 store, tire business first as a service manager, then as an outside sales rep. At the beginning of the year, I turned in my notice and began working as a fleet manager for a friend of mine that has a small fleet. (7 trucks). This was so there would still be money coming in and I could finish getting my business together without there being a conflict of interest with the tire company I was working for. Around March I was able to open cash accounts with 2 major tire wholesalers, and an agreement with another that as soon as I had a brick and mortar store they would start selling to me as well. I paid cash for an old service truck and started selling tires and installing them on location. (We push commercial fleet business as a priority). August 2nd, we were able to get a lease on a permanent location with 3 bays and a store front. Rent is cheap. I have one guy that helps me in the shop and I run the service calls. I also still dispatch for my buddy's small fleet so that I don't have to pull a full salary from the business. We have 2 trucks now, transitioning to a newer truck that I picked up from a friend for little to nothing. After being open for 4 months now, the light truck/passenger market has become our main business and we have adapted our commercial sales to accommodate this. We are the only shop within 20 miles of where we are. It's a rural town with a lot of Ag and commercial traffic. With all this being said, our market is REALLY pushing for a lube/detail business.
      The questions:
      How do you affordably maintain bulk oil for all the new synthetic, diesel, and older models?
      Stock filters, oil, fuel and air?
      Consignment filters?
      We originally opened with the thought that we were going to be just a tire shop, but the demand is just too great not too entertain the business. Please leave your thoughts and advise. Also, explain your reasoning.
      Thank You!!!
    • By Jonathan Ganther
      Hey guys I'm new to the forum and have already seen how resourceful this site will be. I'm 30 years old and have worked at several shops as tech. I did enough side work to feel secure enough with starting my own business. I opened Brake To Go in December of 2013. We are mobile brake shop that now has 4 technicians doing anywhere from 10-20 brake jobs a day. Yelp! has been a big help to us as we have over 125 five star Yelp! reviews. Thank you in advance any advice I receive. I look forward to talking with y'all more.

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