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    • By Eric Roberts
      Firstly let me say that I an just a regular guy from the UK who is the owner of a seven bay service centre/garage. I am not a financial expert. The dreaded inflation is upon us again. For the guys as old as me then this is nothing new. Back in the 70,s we had 15% inflation, but we all got by and lived for better trading days. Here in the UK we have always looked up to the USA because of your business prowess. So what do you guys look out as your worst enemy!
      When prices are going up then I find that the gap opens between rich and the poor's disposable income. So this question will effect garage owners in different areas. My garage is in a poor area with many immigrant families who drive cars. So this means we have to be more flexible with pricing. Finding out if your customer can afford that service ! For this reason we devised a three tier service pricing structure. This has also the effect of not loosing your profit margins. 
      The lowest price should include an oil and filter change and a general vehicle check over. This way we find the customer will perhaps be able to afford a service and your profit margins wont drop. This is just one small idea that we carry out! What do you guys do in these times of high inflation ? 
    • By carmcapriotto
      No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Raising the image and perception of our industry starts with getting involved with schools. If you’re involved in your local community college or high school, I would like to put out a challenge that you also visit the elementary and middle schools. The students are buzzing with energy, questions, and already have a leg up on technology. If you’re not involved with any schools, what’s stopping you?  You can’t afford to not put your time into students, teachers, and school counselors. The impressions you leave on the youth are critical to creating opportunities for our industry's future.
      Andy Fiffick, CEO Rad Air, 10-locations, franchise. Listen to Andy’s other episodes HERE Bill Haas, Owner of Haas Performance Consulting, Bill’s previous episodes HERE. Craig Noel, Sun Automotive, Springfield, OR. Listen to Craig’s previous episodes HERE Key Talking Points
      To connect these newest minds to our trades really does begin at the 5th-grade level AND at the dinner table or other places where the discussion needs to be about the opportunities that the service trades are no longer a plan “B”. The newer generation truly has a “leg up” as they are ready and are very quick and techy, which then really leaves the “on the job” nuts and bolts experience. This is where an Apprenticeship program is a must for the automotive industry and its future.  Craig has 5 technicians from the apprentice program Vehicles are more advanced than the Apollo spaceship Make sure your presentation includes many questions. It keeps them engaged, and you will learn from their perspective. Tell stories, lots of stories. Don’t go into statistics. You must get to the teachers and parents Working with your hands and mind is rewarding. Solving tough problems builds character. You can't afford to not put your time into students and the community- the impressions you leave are critical  Raise your hand for any volunteering opportunity  
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    • By ASOG Podcast
      How to Market Your Auto Repair Shop Like a Pro
    • By ASOG Podcast
      How to Market Your Auto Repair Shop Like a Pro
    • Advertise your services or products to passers-by attracting them towards your business
    • By Joe Marconi
      I think in the short term, the internal combustion engine is not going anywhere soon. But what about the long term?  If the electric vehicle is to become the dominant vehicle model in the future, how does that change the traditional gas station business? 
      I think it would be interesting to hear from our fellow gas station shop owners, and how they view their future. 

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