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It is all about debt.

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It is all about debt.

Are you tired of working like a mule and don't see a way out?

Are you tired of always working, missing your family, and your debts keep growing?

Would you like to know why you are always working and never getting ahead?

If you do, read on, but let me warn you, once you know, you cannot put the knowledge back.

It is all about debt.

It all begins with our ancestors settling down. In the beginning they were hunter-gatherers, then they learned to grow crops in small gardens, from small gardens to large planting fields.

Large planting fields require water; planting large fields are very risky endeavors. For example, if there is a drought (it doesn't rain) the fields may not produce any crops! On the other hand, if you have a plentiful harvest, other tribes may come to steal your crops, so you need security people to protect your harvest.

The academics tell us that all this began to be recorded in Mesopotamia about over five thousand years ago. The people in charge of the administration were the priests, it was them that broke the sacred trust and have cursed us with endless wars and debt.

Since ancient times, people have chosen smart people to be our priests, it is believed that they would be smart enough to protect the people and help the people survive famine, natural catastrophes, and whatever destruction Nature would wreak on the people.

The tremendous problem is that priest are people too, and they are susceptible to greed just like anyone else. It is unfettered greed that has led priests to break their sacred vows and oaths to be faithful and condemned all of us to endless wars and death.

See, after a bountiful harvest, the grain would be pooled into the temple's granary, it was the duty of the priests to care for this grain for the community, but not being happy with their pay and having all that grain just sitting there being cared for took a lot of work to keep it safe from spoiling and vermin, they came up with the idea of the people offering to God precious metals as sacrifices/offering. The advantage of storing precious metal like Gold or Silver was that they didn't spoil and did not require as much work to keep them safe as the grain did.

But their greed would not be satisfied, now they had lots of Gold and Silver stored just sitting there so they came up with the idea of lending the Gold and Silver, charging interests on the loans based on the same precious metals. The problem was that as they lend out the precious metal it would leave the temple's safe and if there was a famine, they would not be able to buy grain from other places because the precious metals had been lent out. In other to a appease the people, they would kill someone as a sacrifice to the gods.

So in their greed they came up with a clever solution to that problem, they would lend out the precious metal by receipt, that is to say, they would give the borrower a receipt stating they had a certain amount of precious metal in store at the temple's safe. This way the precious metal would not have to leave the temple's vault. To their delight they found out that they could safely lend up to 10 times the amount of Gold or Silver stored in their vaults!

There is a big issue with this exponential lending though, if there was a famine or catastrophe people would run to the temple to claim the Gold or Silver, but since there was only a small fraction of the metal lent, the people would riot when they could not get their share of the precious metals.

Again, greed let them came up with with a very ingenious solution to their problem, instead of lending receipts for the precious metals, they would lend out bookkeeping entries on their ledgers, this way, people didn't have anything physical to claim, they could charge all the amounts they wanted and charge the interest without having the people panic and show up at the temple to riot.

This has created a monstrous problem for humanity, their system must keep creating debt exponentially to function and the more the debt grows, the more the people have to pay in interest with their labor. This in effect has made slave of us all over the world. The only solution is for the people to understand how the system functions and to push back by not letting them steal their labor by the priests fraud.

In this day and age, in order to conceal the scam, the priest are called bankers and lawyers, but they are the same people that long ago starter to rob our ancestors.

It is through the adjustments of the interest rate that they control how fast they rob all of us. Push back, put clauses in your contracts that let you fight back and not let them take your wealth without a fight.


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