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Prius Oil Change - Did I do something wrong.

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I am looking for someone to tell me if my shop did something wrong. I would prefer a technician who knows Hybrid Prius's. I am a 30 year tech but I know nothing about hybrids.


Here is the story:

Young man comes in for an oil change and tire rotation. We perform these services, wash and vacuum the car and off he goes. 30-40 minutes later we get a call from this young man saying his car won't go. He drove the car about 15-20 miles. So I have it towed in. The next morning I start the car right up. It ran great but I noticed the high voltage battery was at 1 bar. After reading Identifix I ran the car with the ac on high for a couple of hours. The battery stayed at 1 bar. I have the customer take the car and on the way home it charges fine. I recommended for him have the car checked and she was told that the only thing that can do that is leaving the key on.


Could this be possible?


He is looking for me to refund his $90 tow.



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