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How have you dealt with lawyers?

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If you have ever had a controversy with anyone that has require you to hire a lawyer, how did you handle it? What would you do different?



About 20 years ago I got sued, had to hire a lawyer that turn out more crooked than a mountain road. Through that painful experience, I came across JURISDICTIONARY http://www.howtowinincourt.com/?refercode=CH0004


From what I learned from that course, I became interested in legislation and political systems. In looking for understanding, I came across these people and their take on what is the United States:




Very interesting information, indeed.


How has this affected me as a business owner? Simple, now I know how to direct lawyers and attorneys in my business dealings. Very liberating indeed.

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I have only been sued in small claims on one occasion and we won without a lawyer.

xrac, that is awesome. Good for you.


Anytime there us a lawsuit the only one who wins is the attorneys.

Yes, they do. Lawyering is a devious business, like any business they have to make a profit, but if the man or woman doing the representing is unethical, they will bleed their clients until they go broke. And some are so devious that they will even represent their victims in bankruptcy court.

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I deal with the entitlement section of our society and have been to small claims court many times. I have never lost. If I am in the wrong I settle out of court. I pay a monthly fee to Legal Shield and get free consulting with an attorney. If you are in the right don't be afraid to use the system.

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